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okay i was a little tight on my rules

2011-01-28 19:48:29 by LoganArt

now i belive that i was regulating so much that i couldn't do anything (and if you don't know what im talking about then go look at my last post.) and one of the commenters was right i would suck to work with and i appoligize, but the other commenter i don't like because he told me to drink bleach and called me a cunt, wow was i feeling the love there but i forgive.


P.S. i can still do art for some animators if they want me to.

okay i was a little tight on my rules


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2011-01-28 20:00:11

well if your willing to work with others now, Try finding an artist you like and see if you can collaborate on a picture or something.
now that the rules have eased up you have opened yourself for a lot of fun projects.

LoganArt responds:

thanx man