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now i belive that i was regulating so much that i couldn't do anything (and if you don't know what im talking about then go look at my last post.) and one of the commenters was right i would suck to work with and i appoligize, but the other commenter i don't like because he told me to drink bleach and called me a cunt, wow was i feeling the love there but i forgive.


P.S. i can still do art for some animators if they want me to.

okay i was a little tight on my rules

i am willing to help you make any picture for a game or animation as long as they follow my rules:

No Profanity or slurs

No sexual activity

nothing to violent (Ex: someone yanking out other peoples organs)

I at least want a little credit

no racial discrimination

No giving out personal informaton

if you follow these rules i can help you.

i wish i knew

2011-01-11 17:39:02 by LoganArt

i wish i knew how 2 make flash animations but i have no talent when trying 2 make a flash animation so i might as well huddle in corner and cry:(.

i wish i knew

man i love this song

2011-01-06 21:07:27 by LoganArt

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this song is awesome "Faceless" by RED its so awesome so i want 2 know what your favorite song is.

now im back at school

2011-01-04 21:15:53 by LoganArt

after christmas break man why did it have to end i was getting back to my afternoon naps and they had to ruin it.

Well Thanksgiving is over...

2010-11-25 22:38:08 by LoganArt

and its time to put up the leftover turkey and ham and get ready for Christmas. yes the most wonderfull time of the year should be everyones favorite holiday. but theres one thing that drives me crazy is when all these comericals have to be politically correct and have to replace it with holiday. do we offend all these other religons for having the word "Christ" in Christmas? can anyone answer me?

It would be called "Billyz DAYTIME SHOW (at night)" I cant make it cause IDK how to do animations but if someone did do my idea that would be cool.

I've got a good idea for an flash video.

it has to be for Adobe flash CS3 (only version version i have) but please dont tell me youtube im tired of youtube bull crap but please help me.

ive to look at videos on youtube to help me on adobe flash CS3 (thats the only version i have) but it never helps me. so since no one will scout me for my art I might as well do animations, but only if someone can take there time to teach me. Please?

well its been over a month

2010-11-05 17:46:21 by LoganArt

its been over a month since ive started my file and so far ive posted 6 picture, havent been scouted and someone saying that: "they would have scouted me if i havent have made the mario and sonic pic" its a tough life especially when you've been on here for a month and feel like a noob.